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At Arthur House Dental Care, your dentists in Sutton Coldfield Birmingham, we promise to provide you with the highest quality dental care and deliver it in a personal, caring and gentle manner.

From the moment you walk through our doors we do everything we can to make you feel comfortable and relaxed in the warm calming ambience of our clinic.

How can we help you?

Our promise - excellent customer care

Our existing patients have told us that they enjoy the care and attention of the team members when explaining treatments to them. They appreciate the level of service they receive, the comfort of their visits and the thoroughness of our approach.

In short, you are our priority at all times.

We, as your Sutton Coldfield dentists, promise complete satisfaction with your dental care.

Our client stories

Catherine’s story

Catherine Maltby After
Catherine Maltby Before
Catherine Maltby After

“I was unhappy with my smile because my front teeth were crooked. My teeth made me feel self-conscious and I disliked photographs of myself. After my consultation with Dr Sanghera I opted for veneers. I was amazed with the results. It has made a great difference to my confidence”.

Hannah’s Story

Hannah After
Hannah Before
Hannah After

Hannah wanted her crooked teeth straightening and so she booked a free consultation with Dr Sanghera to discuss the various options. Hannah decided to have her teeth straightened with braces. This created a beautiful straight smile and she was delighted with the result.

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Dr Pervinder Sanghera, principal dentist. Debbie, Linda and Emma our dental nurses and Carol our receptionist

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