Year: 2013

Dental Health and Income

How our finance plans may help our Birmingham patients. It is widely accepted that being in poverty is likely to lead to a poorer level of health than those with more money. There are, of course, exceptions to this, such

Protecting your children’s teeth at Christmas

A balancing act between healthy teeth and having fun. All over the West Midlands, children will now be starting to get excited about a visit from Santa Claus and opening their presents on Christmas day. For parents too, seeing the

Rapid Tooth Straightening with Inman Aligner

How our Birmingham patients can benefit from this adult dental brace. It seems that, each time we turn on our TV, every person in the world has perfectly straight teeth except for ourselves. Of course, as a celebrity or TV

Alternatives to Dentures in the West Midlands

Dental implants for Birmingham patients With it’s history of heavy industry, Birmingham and the West Midlands in general, is sometimes considered a little behind other major cities, such as London, in it’s sophistication. As anyone living here knows, of course,

Dental Anxiety and the Drill

Most patients report the drill as being the main ‘fear’ factor. Given that around half the population of the UK who visit a dentist experience some degree of anxiety, it isn’t surprising that, at Arthur House Dental Care in Sutton

Vegans and Tooth Decay

A Sutton Coldfield Dentist Examines a Possible Link It is thought that there is a small but steadily growing number of vegans in the UK. The reasons for this dietary choice vary; in some cases it is due to concerns

Dental Technology at Home

How useful are dental gadgets for use at home? At Arthur House Dental Care we are continuously assessing the facilities and equipment at our Sutton Coldfield practice to make sure that we are as up to date as we can

Valplast Dentures offered at Arthur House Dental Care

Improved, modern dentures Although no patient ever wants to hear it, unfortunately we do sometimes have to inform patients that there is little option but to remove a significant number of their teeth. This can occur after an accident perhaps,

Eating Disorders and Your Dental Health

A Sutton Coldfield’s dentist’s evaluation of the harm caused by eating disorders It is thought that there are around a million people in the UK who suffer from an eating disorder. This especially affects young girls who may be led

Oral Health Care Tips for First Time Students

Keeping student’s teeth in good shape in the West Midlands Here, in the West Midlands, we are well catered for with some of the best Universities in the UK. Recently, these institutions will have seen a new influx of students,