Fast treatment for dental pain in Sutton Coldfield

Management and solutions for dental problems at Arthur House Dental Care in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham

There is a good chance that most people reading this blog post will, at one time or another, have experienced dental pain to some degree. Sometimes the pain is so severe that even the most dental phobic will ring their local dentist, whilst other pain is relatively minor and sometimes seems to go away (although, almost certainly, the problem still remains!)

Whichever type of pain you are experiencing though, ignoring it should not be thought of as an option and a visit to see one of our dentists in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham should be made as soon as possible. Sometimes though, even a very short wait can seem like a lifetime if the dental pain is severe and, in these cases, some pain relief may be sought.

Pain Relief Options

The appropriate type of pain relief for dental pain will depend on its likely cause, with some being more effective than others. If a blow to the face has been received such as in the case of an accident, then there is a possibility that the tooth may be fractured and damaged. Naturally the first port of call should be to arrange to see our dentist based in Sutton Coldfield as a priority, but in the meantime, an ice pack applied gently to the area should help to reduce the pain. This helps by reducing any swelling in the area of the injury. A painkiller such as paracetamol may also be taken if the pain is severe.

Paracetamol is also useful for non impact pain such as that caused by dental decay or gum disease. In most cases, this will give the patient sufficient relief to allow them to manage until they are able to visit our dental practice.

A traditional and natural alternative to paracetamol and similar painkillers is clove oil. This can be applied repeatedly to the tooth and will numb the pain. This is a successful and popular natural painkiller although the flavour is certainly not to everybody’s taste. Some patients have also told us that dabbing alcohol helps to ease the pain and, whilst this may well be true, it should be borne in mind that this may have an impact on the local anaesthetic that is used for any treatment and should, therefore, be avoided as far as possible.

Check Ups

Whilst impact injuries that cause dental pain can not be predicted, most other pain such as that caused by decay or gum disease can be largely avoided simply by ensuring that regular check ups are made by our dentists. Although this may not prevent any decay or gum disease altogether, it should ensure that, when you see us, any treatment needed will be relatively minor and straightforward.

Nervous Patients

If you are experiencing dental pain and are tempted to ignore it due to your anxiety about dental visits, we would like to assure you that, at Arthur House Dental Care, we pride ourselves on our gentle dentistry and can even offer sedation for those whose anxiety is severe.

For more information on this and any other dental procedures at our Sutton Coldfield practice, please give our friendly team a call on 0121 323 4492.