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Pros and Cons of the Six Month Smile

When to use this fast working orthodontic method. Amongst the increasing number of adult orthodontic treatments which are now available, a few stand out from the crowd. Perhaps the most popular of these is the Invisalign method due to its

Orthodontic Correction with Invisalign in Sutton Coldfield

Popular braces for adults and teens from The Family Smile Clinic Invisalign adult braces, which are available from our Sutton Coldfield dental practice, have been a real game changer when it comes to the process of straightening a patient’s teeth.

Adult Braces – Aesthetics and Practicalities

Discreet teeth straightening for adults and teens in Sutton Coldfield at Arthur House Dental Care Anyone who has watched more than a handful of American comedy programmes will probably know by now, that as a nation we have a reputation

A New Smile in 6 Months

Fast teeth straightening in Sutton Coldfield Have you ever looked at your teeth in the mirror and then closed your mouth again, embarrassed at your crooked teeth? If so, you are not alone; a great many people in the West

Why Braces Can Change Your Life

The benefits of modern orthodontics. If your vision of dental braces are the cumbersome ones that you or your friends had to endure when you were children, it is time to think again and re-assess the benefits that wearing braces

Damon Braces

A fast teeth straightening system available in Sutton Coldfield As well as the traditional style dental braces and the popular ‘Invisalign’ system, there are a number of other effective systems available for straightening teeth. Here at Arthur House Dental Care

Social 6 Braces

Fast teeth straightening in Sutton Coldfield One of the dilemmas that some people have is the question of whether or not their teeth require dental braces. For those whose teeth are very crooked and uneven, it is an easily answered

Adult Braces in Sutton Coldfield

The new generation of “invisible” braces for adults and teenagers There is a common misconception that dental braces can only be used on children. Whilst it is true that this is the ideal time to correct any misalignment of the