Adult Braces – Aesthetics and Practicalities

Discreet teeth straightening for adults and teens in Sutton Coldfield at Arthur House Dental Care

Anyone who has watched more than a handful of American comedy programmes will probably know by now, that as a nation we have a reputation for having poor quality teeth which are crooked and uneven. Of course, some may also poke fun at the Americans’ obsession with perfection but if we are honest with ourselves, most of us might probably agree that our teeth would look better if they were straighter than they currently are.

Many of us also probably missed an opportunity to have them straightened when we were in our teens, weighing up the fact that whilst our teeth would be improved by being straighter, it simply wasn’t worth the lack of coolness and embarrassment caused by having to wear the old style metal braces.

This is something that many of us probably regret as we grow older and realise that life doesn’t end when we hit 20, but we also often presume that we have missed our chance. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth! There is now a wide range of adult orthodontics available such as Invisalign, Insignia and Social 6 braces, at our Sutton Coldfield Dental Practice. These modern tooth brace systems are particularly suitable for adults and teens who are looking for straighter teeth.


The main benefit that most of us are looking for when we have orthodontics fitted is that of aesthetics. Crooked teeth are simply not attractive and can, in some cases, lead to us being reluctant to smile which can send out the wrong signal to others. Whilst teeth whitening can make our teeth look much brighter, some would argue that the procedure would be foolish if we have very badly crooked teeth as it would simply emphasise how uneven they were.

The adult braces which are now available are also often described as ‘Invisible braces’ as most don’t use the same metal wire and brackets techniques as the old ones did. Those that do, such as the 6 Month Smile braces use much smaller brackets and thinner wires that are made from a  tooth coloured material. The use of the old, but updated, wire and bracket method is a trade off as it is one of the fastest around.  Others such as Invisalign, are made from transparent plastic and fit over the teeth themselves and are barely visible to others.  Because of these new techniques, it is possible to have significantly straighter teeth without having to suffer aesthetically.


Apart from improving our appearance, having straighter teeth will give us extra confidence and allow us to smile freely  once more and this can have a positive influence on our lives from business to relationships. As well as this, our bite will be improved and we will feel confident to eat a wider range of foods. It is also likely that having straighter teeth will reduce our chances of having jaw problems later on in life as correctly aligned teeth will not put the strain on our jaw that incorrectly aligned ones may do.

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