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Are Modern Dentures a Good Alternative to Dental Implants?

Our Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham Dentist looks at the choices available. There was a time, not so long ago, when losing a tooth meant that there were two options available to address it; either leaving a gap in the teeth

Dental Implants – Some Common Misunderstandings

Addressing some common concerns about this popular tooth replacement procedure. Dental implants may, at some point in the future, phase out dentures altogether given that the advantages they offer are significant (as we have covered in some of our previous

Osseointegration Explained

The basis of the success of dental implants explained by our Birmingham implant dentist. Osseointegration may not be a term that patients of Arthur House Dental Care are especially familiar with, but it is a process that forms an essential

Older People, Cosmetic Dentistry and Dental Implants

Dental implants – suitable for most generations. When people think of cosmetic dentistry, generally, the age group that springs to mind is that of younger people, or at least, young to middle aged. On the whole, the idea of older

The Aesthetic Benefits of Dental Implants

How dental implants can affect the way you look in more ways than you may imagine. At our dental practice in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham we have placed dental implants successfully for many patients. Patients’ reasons to have the implants placed

Before and After Care of Dental Implants in Birmingham

Helping to ensure a successful outcome for your dental implant procedure. Whether you are planning to have an individual dental implant or to have them placed as part of the all on 4 procedure, there are a number of things

Preparing For Your Dental Implant Procedure

A Birmingham dentist discusses how to maximise the benefit of dental implants. Having a dental implant placed can, understandably, seem like a very big deal to someone who has not experienced this before. Some people are a little afraid beforehand,

What are the risks associated with dental implants?

Our implant dentist looks at this popular procedure. We sometimes notice a look of apprehension on a patient’s face when we explain the dental implant procedure; usually around the part where we mention how the implant is secured into the

Challenging some of the myths about modern dental implants

Our Implantologist clears up any confusion As dental implants slowly start to catch up with dentures as the most popular method of replacing a missing tooth, both in the West Midlands and the rest of the country, it is inevitable

Dental Implants and Smokers

Don’t compromise the implants process Dental implants have had a dramatic impact on the way that people choose to replace lost teeth, something that we are well aware of at our Sutton Coldfield practice. They are strong and once in