Month: April 2015

Initial Consultations

Patients – the importance of listening. If you read dental blogs and articles, perhaps unsurprisingly, most discuss dental procedures ranging from the simple filling to more complicated procedures like a dental implant placement. Rarely are consultations discussed, yet, this is

Common Dental Problems in Children

Our Sutton Coldfield family dentist discusses childhood oral health issues. As adults, we know, sometimes a little too late, how important it is to keep our teeth healthy and to give them the care and attention that they deserve. To

Taking a closer look at the modern dental surgery

More about the state-of-the-art equipment used at Arthur House Dental Care in Sutton Coldfield. If you could go back in time and walk into a dental practice, say fifty years ago, you would notice a significant difference to those of

Are You Looking for a Gentle Dentist?

If so, Arthur House Dental Care in Sutton Coldfield could be right for you. In some ways, the term ‘gentle dentist’ perhaps portrays an image of a totally stress free, and even fun experience. However, we understand that for many