Are Modern Dentures a Good Alternative to Dental Implants?

Our Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham Dentist looks at the choices available.

There was a time, not so long ago, when losing a tooth meant that there were two options available to address it; either leaving a gap in the teeth or having a partial denture to replace it.

Dentures then were generally bulky and often uncomfortable. It usually wasn’t too difficult to spot them too as they could appear obvious even to the casual observer.

With the advent and more common use of dental implants though, do dentures still have a role to play in replacing missing teeth?

Dental implants

At Arthur House Dental Care, we are clear; dental implants are an excellent choice for replacing a missing tooth.

Implants offer a number of benefits which are well worth the short period of inconvenience whilst the implant integrates with the bone.

●     Comfort – Once the implant has integrated with the bone and the crown attached, dental implants feel very natural and you are likely to forget that it is not a natural tooth.

●     Appearance – Again, dental implants look entirely natural and the shape and colour of the attached crown will be made to fit in with your natural teeth

●     Strength – Implants offer a strength equal to or greater than your own natural teeth. Never again will you have to carefully check a menu to see what you might struggle to bite into

●     Longevity – Dental implants give many years of life, providing the correct care is taken. They have been known to last for as long as thirty five years.

Some people though, are simply unable to overcome the fear of this procedure, and, whilst it should cause no more discomfort than any other invasive procedure, the thought of holes being drilled in the jawbone is a step too far for some of our more nervous dental patients.

For those who have a high level of dental anxiety, there are two options available.

Firstly, they could still have the dental implant procedure using conscious sedation. This would enable them to be very relaxed and make for a comfortable procedure.

The other alternative would be one of the new breed of modern dentures which offer a much higher degree of comfort and stability than traditional versions.


At Arthur House Dental Care, we are able to offer our patients Valplast dentures. These modern dentures offer comfort due to the materials used and also due to their flexibility. They are both natural looking in appearance and are easy to maintain.

By making very careful measurements of your mouth, we can ensure that your new Valplast dentures will fit securely, offering you an efficient and surgery free alternative to dental implants. For more information about either dental implants or the Valplast alternative, please call our Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham dentists on 0121 323 4492.