Month: October 2013

Eating Disorders and Your Dental Health

A Sutton Coldfield’s dentist’s evaluation of the harm caused by eating disorders It is thought that there are around a million people in the UK who suffer from an eating disorder. This especially affects young girls who may be led

Oral Health Care Tips for First Time Students

Keeping student’s teeth in good shape in the West Midlands Here, in the West Midlands, we are well catered for with some of the best Universities in the UK. Recently, these institutions will have seen a new influx of students,

Plaque and Its Effects on Oral Health

The role of plaque in causing gingivitis and periodontitis At the end of a long day or in the morning, if you run your tongue across your teeth, you are likely to notice a slightly ‘fuzzy’ feel to them. This

Asthma and Dental Health

Possible Causes for Dental Cavities in the West Midlands Cases of asthma seem to be continually on the rise, and whilst we don’t wish to become involved in the debate as to why this is the case, it is probably