Month: February 2015

Headaches and Jaw Pain – Potential Causes

Treating jaw and headache problems at Arthur House Dental Care. Headaches are not uncommon, but, in most instances, they are temporary; perhaps caused by stress, a noisy environment or even self inflicted! Some headaches though simply refuse to go away

Food Colourings and their Effect on Teeth

A look at the staining properties of foods on our teeth. Few of us these days perhaps, eat a diet entirely made up of fresh food, relying at least occasionally on takeaway food, supermarket ready meals or even sandwiches and

Dental Implants – Some Common Misunderstandings

Addressing some common concerns about this popular tooth replacement procedure. Dental implants may, at some point in the future, phase out dentures altogether given that the advantages they offer are significant (as we have covered in some of our previous

Struggling to Stop Smoking?

Reviewing the potential damage to your oral health. We are now just over a month into the new year; and it is around this time that many New Year resolutions start to fail. The gym membership goes to the back