Month: January 2015

Dental Care for Busy People

How modern dental practices are providing more efficient services for patients. Few people enjoy visiting the dentist and whilst, for some, it is the anxiety that weighs on their mind, for others, visiting the dentist is inconvenient and time consuming.

Potential Dangers of Mercury Based Fillings

Why our Sutton Coldfield Dental Practice is mercury free. Mercury has long been used in dental fillings and makes up a part of the amalgam that many dentists traditionally use for filling tooth cavities. Despite this though, it is a

Straighter Teeth for Adults and Children

How children, teens and adults in Birmingham can benefit from modern orthodontics. As a nation with a reputation for having somewhat crooked teeth, it is probably little surprise that many patients from the Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham areas are starting

Modern Alternatives to Traditional Dental Braces

Why the new types of discreet adult orthodontics offer significant benefits. The idea of having to have dental braces has probably struck fear into the heart of many a teenager. Understandably, it can be quite embarrassing, at the age when