Are You Looking for a Gentle Dentist?

Are You Looking for a Gentle Dentist?

If so, Arthur House Dental Care in Sutton Coldfield could be right for you.

In some ways, the term ‘gentle dentist’ perhaps portrays an image of a totally stress free, and even fun experience. However, we understand that for many people who visit the dentist, this is unlikely to be the case, with a few experiencing high levels of fear and anxiety. So even though we believe we are gentler than most in our approach, this fact is inescapable.

Even factoring in anxiety levels though, regular dental visits are essential to maintain your oral health and help you to keep strong and healthy teeth for as long as possible. It may even, according to some recent studies, also improve your chances of maintaining a healthy heart.

Helping patients

The good news is that most patients who experience anxiety do so at a relatively low level but we still do our utmost to make their experience as pleasant and stress-free as possible.

At our Sutton Coldfield family dental practice, we greet all of our patients, both young and old, with a friendly smile. We feel that this helps a patient to relax a little from the moment that they walk through our front door.

This courtesy is extended by our dental team who take great care to talk to their patients in a warm and friendly manner, taking the time to listen to any concerns and answering any questions that a patient may have.

For most patients, this is all that is needed to help them feel more confident about any treatment that they may need.

Dental treatments

By encouraging all patients to attend our practice on a regular basis, much dental treatment can be avoided. However, in cases where treatment is needed, this is likely to be relatively minor, providing regular check-ups have been maintained previously.

Unfortunately, sometimes more invasive treatment may be needed, such as when the canals of a tooth become infected, necessitating a root canal procedure to save the tooth. In cases such as this, and with any procedure which could be uncomfortable, we use a local anaesthetic to minimise any discomfort experienced by the patient. Our dentists too will only perform a procedure in what we call a “minimally invasive way”, only removing the smallest amount of a natural tooth possible during procedures.


Finally, for patients who experience very high levels of anxiety, we have a consultant anaesthetist available at Arthur House Dental Care who can offer sedation. This is especially useful in lengthier procedures and allows the patient to be completely relaxed whilst free to communicate with the dentist during the treatment.

If you are looking for a gentle dentist, and live in the Sutton Coldfield or Birmingham area, why not give Arthur House Dental Care a call on 0121 323 4492 and let us help you through your dental treatment?