Month: July 2013

Why We Use CEREC in our Sutton Coldfield Practice

In-house Crowns and Veneers at Arthur House Dental Care. Time is an important commodity and one which an increasing number of people appear to be lacking. These days, workers rarely take full lunch breaks but instead, sit at their desks

Options to Whiten Your Teeth In Sutton Coldfield

Methods we use to help recover dark, stained teeth at The Family Smile Clinic Anyone who has witnessed the first cricket test match between England and Australia can’t have missed the huge smile on the face of England Captain at

The Story of the Tooth Fairy

A lighter interlude…. As a light hearted break from our more ‘medical’ blogs, we thought you might like to hear the story about how the tooth fairy came into being. Although this is perhaps currently more prevalent in America, many

Family Dentistry in Sutton Coldfield

Gentle dental care for all As an established family dental practice in Sutton Coldfield for a little over ten years, we are proud of our reputation for excellence and the services we offer for a wide age range of patients.