Why We Use CEREC in our Sutton Coldfield Practice

In-house Crowns and Veneers at Arthur House Dental Care.

Time is an important commodity and one which an increasing number of people appear to be lacking. These days, workers rarely take full lunch breaks but instead, sit at their desks with a sandwich whilst continuing to work.

It may be that there are now more things to get done in a day than there once was and therefore each second and minute has to be made to count.

For these reasons and for the convenience of our patients, we are one of the few dentists in the West Midlands and indeed the UK, who use a tool known as CEREC within their dental practice.

What is CEREC?

CEREC which is an acronym for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, is an effective and fast method of the manufacture of crowns and dental veneers within the dental practice itself, rather than having them produced at a dental laboratory. This means that, in most cases, just a single visit is needed to have a crown or dental veneer fitted.

Without CEREC, it would be necessary to attend the practice twice, the first to prepare the tooth or teeth and to take impressions which would then be sent to the laboratory for production. The patient would then need a second visit, when the crown or veneer had been returned to the practice, in order to have them fitted. With CEREC, this can be done in just one visit at our Sutton Coldfield practice.

As well as the inconvenience of visiting our practice twice, because almost all of these procedures will require an anaesthetic it means that those who have a fear of the needle will have to face this twice. Also those who depend on speech for their work, perhaps in an important public facing role, may have to take time away until the numbness has gone and full sensation has returned.

CEREC – Healthier and Fully Guaranteed

All crowns and veneers that are produced in-house at our Sutton Coldfield clinic using CEREC are fully guaranteed for five years, which is at least comparable to the guarantee given by dental laboratories. Not only this but because this method is used, we are usually able to preserve more of the original tooth structure than we would otherwise if the work had been done using laboratory produced restorations.

Smile in One Visit

Whether you are having a crown fitted to strengthen a tooth or just a veneer to improve the whiteness of your teeth, through our use of CEREC, you will be able to spend less time away from your work or your family. With time being so precious these days, this is a practical and efficient dental treatment that can give you the smile you always wanted in double-quick time.