Month: February 2014

Speeding Up Dental Procedures with CEREC

Crowns and veneers in a single visit for our Birmingham patients. Life just seems to get busier and busier. Whether it is the ever increasing amount of traffic on the roads or the fact that we are now ‘always on’

Dental Bridges

Tooth replacement options from a Birmingham dentist. When we lose a tooth there are a number of replacement options open to us. Depending on where in the mouth the tooth is situated, different solutions may be chosen. In some cases,

Bespoke Dental Braces for Teenagers and Adults in Birmingham

Insignia dental braces for personalised teeth straightening. Having straight and even teeth not only means that you can improve your appearance, but, as we have heard from a number of our dental patients from Birmingham and the West Midlands, your

The Benefits of a Snap On Smile

How our Birmingham Patients can have an instant and effective smile. For many people, the Hollywood Smile is an ideal to be aimed for. The beautiful smiles of actors and actresses as they walk down the red carpet to the

Preventative care and the importance of dental education for children

Dental care for children at our Birmingham dental practice As adults, the vast majority of us are aware of how to take care of our teeth and the problems that will often arise if we fail to do so. Children