Speeding Up Dental Procedures with CEREC

Crowns and veneers in a single visit for our Birmingham patients.

Life just seems to get busier and busier. Whether it is the ever increasing amount of traffic on the roads or the fact that we are now ‘always on’ with constant access to information and messages via the internet. Very often, all this is wrapped up in our business life and it can be very difficult to find time for the other things in life that we enjoy, such as socialising and family.

Whilst most people do visit the dentist fairly regularly, it can be difficult to fit this into our daily lives, so the thought of having to visit twice for one procedure can seem annoying and very inconvenient. Whilst some procedures, such as dental implants, may require several visits to monitor how they are progressing, other more straightforward procedures such as dental crowns and veneers also typically need you to make two or more visits. This is because the restorations as they are called, are manufactured at a dental laboratory which means a wait of a week or so between the impressions being taken and the crown, or veneer, being ready to fit.


Enter CEREC. This piece of modern technology is revolutionising how dental restorations are made and cuts out the need for crowns or veneers to be made at a laboratory.

CEREC is a computerised technology which not only scans and creates a 3D image of a damaged tooth and the crown that would be needed to ‘cap’ it, but also creates the crown itself while you wait. The time may vary a little but very often this is done within the hour. The CEREC machine is in fact a ‘mini’ CAD/CAM machine which is installed at the practice and creates dental restorations while you wait.

Only the best ceramic is used to produce the crowns in this way and all come with a five year guarantee. Research is also indicating that crowns and veneers manufactured using CEREC technology are likely to be stronger and longer lasting than those made at dental laboratories.

Whether you need a crown to repair a badly damaged tooth or dental veneers to whiten or perhaps mask chipped or cracked teeth, Cerec offers a fast way for this to be done in just a single visit, leaving you free to get on with your busy life unencumbered by numerous trips to the dentist.

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Although we love the benefits that this new technology has introduced to our Birmingham dental practice, we never forget that the most important thing is the patient themselves. We are aware that some can feel very nervous at the thought of visiting the dentist, even for a minor procedure such as a filling, or even just a check up for some people. CEREC is also a great help here as even fairly significant procedures can be completed in a single rather than multiple visits. We find that this is not only much more convenient but also reduces the anxiety that multiple visits can cause for our more nervous patients.