Dental Bridges

Tooth replacement options from a Birmingham dentist.

When we lose a tooth there are a number of replacement options open to us. Depending on where in the mouth the tooth is situated, different solutions may be chosen. In some cases, where the tooth is to the rear of the mouth and therefore hidden from general view, a number of people simply choose to live with a space between their teeth.

Whilst this is understandable, it is certainly not advisable as the loss of a tooth means that the surrounding teeth will gradually start to move, leaving you with uneven teeth overall and, quite possibly, an incorrect bite.


Partial dentures are an option when a tooth is lost. However, these can have a tendency to be slightly insecure and can move around or even fall out when eating certain foods. This can conceivably happen at embarrassing times and for this reason, a partial denture would not be our first option.

Dental Implants

It has to be said that dental implants are currently the best option for replacing a lost tooth. Unfortunately, whilst excellent, some people do feel that they are unable to afford them. At Arthur House Dental Care we offer a range of finance options which help to spread the payments which is certainly worth considering, especially if it is a front tooth that has been lost.

Dental Bridges

The use of a dental bridge is a well established procedure for replacing a missing tooth. In effect, this is similar to a partial denture in that a ‘false tooth’ is used. However, whilst dentures are fitted by means of a base and metal fittings, a bridge is attached by using the adjoining teeth to support it.

At our Sutton Coldfield dental practice, conveniently situated for patients from Birmingham and the rest of the West Midlands, we only use top quality bridges which are made from high-grade porcelain and guaranteed for five years.

To attach a bridge, the adjoining teeth will be prepared in order to guarantee the strongest fitting possible. By doing so, once the bridge has been fitted, you will be able to eat most foods without any difficulty at all.

Whilst a bridge can be an excellent option for some people, it does mean that work is done on the otherwise healthy adjoining teeth to facilitate attachment i.e. an invasive procedure. Unfortunately this is unavoidable as it is clearly very important to ensure a secure fitting.

To conclude, we would always recommend a dental implant as the best option for replacing a missing tooth. However, if the patient feels that this is not for them, then a dental bridge offers a reasonable alternative for replacing unsightly gaps and restoring mouth function.