Bespoke Dental Braces for Teenagers and Adults in Birmingham

Insignia dental braces for personalised teeth straightening.

Having straight and even teeth not only means that you can improve your appearance, but, as we have heard from a number of our dental patients from Birmingham and the West Midlands, your confidence too. This is a benefit which should not be ignored as it can have a major impact upon a person’s life and potentially also affect job prospects, to say nothing of their future relationships.

Few of us actually have perfect teeth, indeed many of us endure quite uneven and crooked teeth due, perhaps, to overcrowding of the mouth when we were younger. Of course, some of us will have also managed to avoid wearing braces as teenagers due to the embarrassment factor, only to find ourselves in our adult years with teeth which we are far from proud of.

Insignia Braces

Whilst a number of modern orthodontics can only be used by adults, Insignia braces can also be used for teenagers. In fact, our very own Dr Pervinder Sanghera has used Insignia braces to treat her own daughter with excellent results.

So, what makes Insignia braces so special?  Based on the results of many years of research and development, these orthodontics differ from some others in that they are very specifically produced for each individual.

By using 3D software, Insignia braces can be produced and customised for each and every individual who needs to have their teeth straightened. By doing so, they ensure that the teeth are adjusted in the most efficient way possible. This approach also has the additional bonus of speeding up the process of straightening a patient’s teeth, allowing treatment to be completed sooner than may be the case with other types of orthodontics.

The Benefits of Insignia Braces

Because Insignia braces are fully customised to the individual, it should come as little surprise to find that they are more comfortable than some other makes. Not only this but, because 3D software is used to scan your bite prior to the braces being produced, you will be able to see  an ‘after’ representation of your newly straightened teeth even before the procedure starts.

At Arthur House Dental Care in Birmingham we find that this really benefits patients who are a little apprehensive about wearing dental braces of any description. By seeing the ‘after’ images, they feel encouraged to see the procedure through and accept the reward of great looking teeth at the end of the treatment.


It is not only adults who can benefit from Insignia braces and orthodontics, but teenagers too. This is especially important as it is often teenagers who are reluctant to wear dental braces due to peer pressure and the fact they are often seeking out their first relationships.

By using Insignia braces for teenagers, not only can we achieve excellent results but the efficiency of this procedure also means that the overall treatment time can be minimised.