The Benefits of a Snap On Smile

How our Birmingham Patients can have an instant and effective smile.

For many people, the Hollywood Smile is an ideal to be aimed for. The beautiful smiles of actors and actresses as they walk down the red carpet to the Oscars is something that most of us are probably quietly envious of.

With modern cosmetic dentistry though, this type of smile is attainable and procedures such as those that we use at Arthur House Dental Care can even out those crooked teeth, cover any chips and cracks and whiten your teeth to the same white smile as the Hollywood crowd.

These procedures do take time though, along with a certain level of commitment and although they do provide long term, even permanent results, a lot of people may feel that they are not concerned enough about having a perfect smile to undergo such treatments.

A smile for your social life

When most of us go out for an evening, we usually make an effort to look our best. We may shave, put on false eyelashes, put on our best suit or dress, depending on our gender, so that we both look good and feel good about ourselves.

It is not until fairly recently though that someone thought to apply this to our teeth. We can’t, unless we wear dentures of course, simply put on new teeth when we go out – however, now we can actually wear a new dental appliance which gets us very close!

The Snap On Smile was invented exactly for this purpose; for a wedding, a media appointment, an important interview or any situation where we want to look and feel our best. As the name indicates, they are simply snapped on over the top of our regular teeth.

More about the Snap On Smile

The Snap On Smile is fitted over the course of two visits to our Birmingham dental practice. At the first of these, an impression will be taken of your teeth, to ensure that the new Snap On Smile is a perfect fit. You can then choose the style and shape of your new ‘teeth’. The impressions, along with your preferences, will then be sent to a dental laboratory where they will be made.

At the following appointment, you will be given your new Snap On Smile to wear and can either keep them on as you leave our dental practice or simply take them home and keep them for those special occasions.

Comfort and a ‘Test Run’

A few people have asked about how comfortable the Snap On Smile is. We can assure you that the material used is very thin, but strong, and is natural looking. Whilst you probably wouldn’t want to wear them permanently (and we certainly don’t recommend that), they are excellent for social occasions and the like.

They are also an excellent way to see how your teeth would look if you decided to have dental veneers for a more permanent solution. It may well be that you like your new appearance so much that you will shortly be contacting us about having dental veneers fitted.

For a free consultation on the Snap On Smile in Birmingham, please call Arthur House Dental Care on 0121 323 4492