Month: September 2014

A Crown in a Day in Sutton Coldfield

CEREC technology – high quality dental crowns and a time saver too! We all know how it feels when a tooth breaks. Even when there is no pain or major discomfort, there is a sinking feeling that we are going

The Importance of Dental Care During Pregnancy

Ensuring good oral health whilst expecting your child. Pregnancy can be a joyous time, but one that also brings its own challenges, as any mother will attest. During the nine months of pregnancy, it is easy to let some day

Corrective Orthodontics for Children

Correcting young children’s’ crooked teeth at our Birmingham dental practice. As parents, we all want our children to grow up with a set of strong and healthy teeth. With access to many dental procedures which were simply not around during

Lifestyle and Gum Disease

How smoking and alcohol has a negative impact on oral health. As a number of the older patients who visit our Birmingham and Sutton Coldfield dental practice tell us; there was a time when many people’s social lives revolved around