The Importance of Dental Care During Pregnancy

Ensuring good oral health whilst expecting your child.

Pregnancy can be a joyous time, but one that also brings its own challenges, as any mother will attest. During the nine months of pregnancy, it is easy to let some day to day routines slip due to tiredness and hormonal changes.

It is important though that, during this time, your oral health care is not neglected. Whilst this would still be important at other times of your life, during your pregnancy, it is especially important.

Gingivitis (Gum Disease)

During pregnancy, the risk of gingivitis is considerably higher, indeed many pregnant women notice a redness or soreness of their gums early on in their pregnancy, caused by gingivitis. This is thought to be caused by an increase in certain hormones in the body which enhance the growth of the bacteria that cause gingivitis.

Your overall resistance to infections and illnesses are also often lower during pregnancy  which results in an increased likelihood of gum disease. If ignored, this can advance and can lead to periodontitis where the survival of the teeth becomes threatened and may result in tooth loss.

Special Care

The prevention of gingivitis depends on the patient taking extra care or her oral health during this time and she should ensure that brushing her teeth for 2 minutes each time is a priority. Flossing should also be added to the routine, if not already a part of it.

Finally, because of the increased likelihood of gingivitis during pregnancy, it is especially important that you are seen by one of our dentists at Arthur House Dental Care in case any treatment is needed.

Morning Sickness

Although not for all; many women do suffer from bouts of sickness and, whilst unpleasant in itself, this also has the effect of passing acid over the teeth. In severe cases, this can cause erosion of the enamel of the teeth, increasing the likelihood of dental decay.

Pregnancy ‘Tumour’

Although not common, pregnancy tumours can occur in up to 10% of women. Although these are described as tumours, they are not, in fact, cancerous or even dangerous.

They can however, cause some discomfort and can become ulcerous. Although only a limited amount is known about them, it is widely thought that, amongst the main causes for them, is poor oral health care.

In all of the above cases, prevention is better than cure and, to ensure that your pregnancy is as comfortable as possible, it is essential that your dental care should not be ignored.

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