Corrective Orthodontics for Children

Correcting young children’s’ crooked teeth at our Birmingham dental practice.

As parents, we all want our children to grow up with a set of strong and healthy teeth. With access to many dental procedures which were simply not around during our childhood, this is entirely possible given good quality oral health care and regular visits to see one of our children’s dentists at our Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham practice.

Crooked teeth

When most parents think about their child’s dental health, it is usually about decay; however they may be surprised to know that crooked teeth can be also be a major problem for children as young as seven years old.

Once a child starts to develop adult teeth, they can grow faster than their facial development, often leading to overcrowding which, in turn, causes crookedness.

At Arthur House Dental Care, we are able to correct this problem through the use of interceptive orthodontic appliances. These are designed to be used when problems of misaligned teeth are first noticed.

By developing and aligning the jaw bone as well as increasing its density, interceptive orthodontics help the mouth to develop sufficient space for the new teeth to come through without them pushing others out of the way; the major cause of crookedness.

Signs of Problems

Providing that your child is brought to our dental surgery in Sutton Coldfield regularly, we will be able to advise if interceptive orthodontics are a suitable option should any problems become apparent. As you would expect, there are a number of potential indicators which help us to spot signs that your child will benefit from this special type of progressive children’s ‘braces’.

If your child has teeth that are obviously out of alignment, then naturally, a visit to the dentist at Arthur House Dental Care should be at the top of your list. Other potential causes though, may not be quite as obvious.

Both early and late loss of the child’s baby teeth can cause problems with correct alignment of the adult teeth when they come through. A child who regularly sucks their thumb, especially after the early years, is also more likely to develop problems that could be corrected by interceptive orthodontics.

General children’s oral care

Helping a child’s adult teeth to come through correctly aligned is, of course, important and will also prevent other dental problems too. However, there are also the fundamental aspects of oral care to consider, and particularly ensuring that your child develops a good hygiene routine from early years. During their regular visits, our hygienists and dentists will help to educate your children in the correct ways to brush their teeth and how to look after their gums, alongside helping them to understand how certain foods can be detrimental to their oral health if consumed in excess.

For more information about interceptive orthodontics and other ways we can help to look after your children’s dental health, please call Arthur House Dental Care on 0121 323 4492.