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Lifestyle and Gum Disease

How smoking and alcohol has a negative impact on oral health. As a number of the older patients who visit our Birmingham and Sutton Coldfield dental practice tell us; there was a time when many people’s social lives revolved around

Why visiting your local dentist regularly makes good sense

Oral health care options in Sutton Coldfield. At Arthur House Dental Care, we are proud of our reputation for cosmetic dental procedures. However, whilst these are very popular and have certainly benefited our patients over the last few years; the

The Benefits of Hygiene Therapy

Our Birmingham hygienist will help you to avoid gum disease. Most people probably associate a visit to the dentist with having a procedure, whether this be a simple filling, or something more sophisticated such as a dental implant. Although there

Dental Technology at Home

How useful are dental gadgets for use at home? At Arthur House Dental Care we are continuously assessing the facilities and equipment at our Sutton Coldfield practice to make sure that we are as up to date as we can

Plaque and Its Effects on Oral Health

The role of plaque in causing gingivitis and periodontitis At the end of a long day or in the morning, if you run your tongue across your teeth, you are likely to notice a slightly ‘fuzzy’ feel to them. This

Halitosis and Dental Care

Conquering bad breath in Sutton Coldfield Bad breath or halitosis is unpleasant at the best of times, made worse by the fact that we very often can’t smell it ourselves and may be unaware of our breath until someone points