Month: December 2014

The Six Month Smile and Your Oral Health

Looking after your teeth and gums whilst wearing this fast acting orthodontic system. The Six Month Smiles brace is one of the most popular options for straightening teeth which we provide at Arthur House Dental Care. Whilst it works along

Five Benefits of Six Month Smiles Orthodontics

One of our most popular adult teeth straightening methods at Arthur House Dental Care in Birmingham. At our Sutton Coldfield dental practice, in Birmingham, we offer our patients a wide selection of adult orthodontics. By doing this, we feel that

Osseointegration Explained

The basis of the success of dental implants explained by our Birmingham implant dentist. Osseointegration may not be a term that patients of Arthur House Dental Care are especially familiar with, but it is a process that forms an essential

What to do When a Dental Abscess Strikes

Treating this painful problem at Arthur House Dental Care in Sutton Coldfield. Whilst breaking a tooth or simple decay can be the cause of a toothache, without a doubt, one of the most painful types of toothache is caused when

Enamel Erosion, the Causes and Solutions

Our Birmingham dentist discusses the surface of the teeth and problems that can arise due to erosion. Whilst some damage to teeth, such as breakages or even minor chips can be easy to spot and treat quickly, other damage can