Five Benefits of Six Month Smiles Orthodontics

One of our most popular adult teeth straightening methods at Arthur House Dental Care in Birmingham.

At our Sutton Coldfield dental practice, in Birmingham, we offer our patients a wide selection of adult orthodontics. By doing this, we feel that we are able to offer one that is suitable for most cases of crooked and uneven teeth which are presented by our patients.

Whilst some orthodontic systems, such as Invisalign are designed to work on both front and rear teeth, this can mean that that the time taken for them to work is fairly lengthy. This is all well and good if the rear teeth actually need straightening, but, for those who are only concerned with their actual smile; i.e. the visible front teeth, the Six Month Smiles orthodontic brace system is often ideal.

Short treatment time

As you can guess from the name of the system, six months is all it can take to straighten out the visible front teeth, sometimes even less. This is typically because the front teeth are easier to position than those at the rear. So where there is no need to reposition the rear teeth, the ‘6MS’ adult brace system is often our “go to” method.

It should be noted that six months is an average time and it can be less or more depending on each case. This will be discussed at the free consultation.


As the Six Month Smiles system uses both tooth coloured brackets and wires, finer than the ones in regular braces, this is a great way to have your teeth straightened without the orthodontics being highly visible.


As these adult orthodontics focus on the front teeth only, less force is needed than with many conventional braces to reposition the teeth. This makes the 6MS system one of the most comfortable orthodontics for patients.


Although the Six Month Smiles is not designed to cope with all positioning problems, it is effective on a wide range of common ones. These included overcrowding, crooked teeth and also for gap closures between the front teeth.

Fast and effective

As well as acting quicker than most orthodontics, the Six Month Smiles system also brings great results.

Once the braces are removed, following the treatment period, you will see your smile in a way that you haven’t done for a while. Gone will be those crooked uneven teeth and your smile will be something that you will be proud of again.

As an additional bonus, to help show off the best of their new straight teeth, at Arthur House Dental Care, we also offer all of our patients who have the straightening procedure, free teeth whitening following conclusion of the treatment.

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