Month: April 2014

Does the Stress of City Life Make You Grind Your Teeth?

Helping Birmingham patients with tooth damage caused by bruxism. Although living in a major city has a great many advantages; good public transport, shops and entertainment on your doorstep; it can also bring with it a lot of stress and

Enjoy Whiter Teeth in Later Life

How a simple cosmetic dental procedure is making later years of life more enjoyable for our Birmingham patients. Old age is something which comes to us all eventually, however much we may push that thought to the back of our

When a Dental Crown Becomes Detached – Advice from a Birmingham Emergency Dentist

What you should, and most certainly should not, do. The use of a dental crown to strengthen a tooth is a common procedure and one that has proved successful for many years.  Usually fitted when a natural tooth has become

The Convenience of the Six Month Smile

User-friendly and effective adult orthodontics at our Birmingham dental practice. Crooked teeth are not attractive to look at, indeed most of us would prefer that we did not have them. In fact, many of us have crooked or uneven teeth