Enjoy Whiter Teeth in Later Life

How a simple cosmetic dental procedure is making later years of life more enjoyable for our Birmingham patients.

Old age is something which comes to us all eventually, however much we may push that thought to the back of our minds whilst we are young or even middle aged. Unless we are unlucky though, most of us will likely experience both the benefits and indeed the struggles of being older.

It is often claimed that our later years are a time of wisdom, and although our physical bodies may not be quite as agile as they once were, our years of experience have often taught us the real value of life and enable us to enjoy the rest of it reasonably well.

Combating signs of ageing with modern dentistry

Very few of us will claim to be delighted with the way that we look when we are older and most of us will do what we can to look as good as possible despite our increasing years.

Some of this may be done by changing the way that we dress and perhaps a change of hair style. Other changes though are more difficult to make and two key signs of ageing which are not so easily altered are those which affect our skin and our teeth.

We do not offer facial cosmetics at our Birmingham based dentists but we can certainly help patients with their teeth. For those who have lost a number of their teeth or where they are in poor condition, we offer an excellent replacement method using the latest dental implants. These can be placed individually, or as a part of an ‘all on 4’ procedure which is now widely accepted as one of the best ways to replace a full arch of teeth, rather than dentures. For those who do not want implants though, we offer a very comfortable type of denture known as Valplast which are flexible and offers a greater degree of comfort and security than traditional dentures.

Whiter Teeth

Even those who have taken good care of their teeth though will find as they reach their later years, that their teeth have become darker in colour. Although other factors such as smoking and drinking red wine can contribute to this happening, the reality is that it is also caused by the inner molecules in our teeth darkening as we become older. Nothing that we do can prevent this from happening unfortunately.

The good news for older Birmingham patients though is that this is also easily reversed by a simple teeth whitening procedure which we can perform in just one hour at Arthur House Dental Care, conveniently situated in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham. It is a straightforward procedure that involves applying a solution to the teeth which is then activated by a special light. This then works to lighten the colour of the inner molecules of the teeth.

After an hour, the solution is rinsed off and a significant difference is instantly evident. Patients are usually surprised and delighted by the amount of difference that this simple procedure can make.

For those whose teeth are extremely badly discoloured or stained, dental veneers are another option, although this is a slightly more invasive procedure and would not generally be used for teeth whitening except for cases where a straightforward tooth whitening procedure would not be sufficient.

For more information about our teeth whitening service for Birmingham patients, please call Arthur House Dental Care on 0121 323 4492.