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Teeth whitening for a brighter and whiter smile

Teeth whitening in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham allows you to say goodbye to yellow stained teeth.

teeth whitening in Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham

Unfortunately as we age our teeth become darker and yellow. They become stained from coffee, tea, red wine and smoking. Stained and discoloured teeth are never a good look. They can ruin our smile and make us look older.

Using our high quality professional teeth whitening system we can help you get rid of those stained and yellow teeth. This treatment can take as little as one hour.

Our teeth whitening treatment is one of the simplest and most effective ways of enhancing your smile. It will give you a much brighter, whiter and more attractive smile and it costs from as little as £195.

Susan’s experience

Before treatment
After treatment

Even though Susan was only in her twenties, her teeth had yellowed and she was unhappy with the way they looked. She had a free consultation with Dr Sanghera where she discussed her concerns. Susan opted for teeth whitening treatment and found it to be very easy and convenient.

She said the results of her teeth whitening were fantastic. She has received many compliments from her friends and family on how much nicer her smile looks. It’s made her much more confident about smiling in public.

We offer the following teeth whitening treatments:

Power teeth whitening – white teeth in 1 hour

The Wy10 Power Whitening System is widely considered to be one of the most effective teeth whitening systems available in the UK. This whitening treatment is carried out in the clinic and only takes one hour.

For clients who are short on time and are looking for a quick but excellent result this is an ideal way to whiten your teeth.  

Home teeth whitening – for your convenience

Home whitening allows you to effectively whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home. Customised trays are made to fit your teeth. Teeth whitening gel is then placed inside the customised tray and the tray is worn overnight.

Your teeth will progressively whiten over 10-14 days, giving you a brighter, whiter and younger looking smile.

Opalescence Go – professional teeth whitening on-the-go

With Opalescence Go you whiten your teeth with ready to use whitening trays. These perfectly mold to the shape of your teeth and need to be worn for only 30 to 90 minutes per day. So in the time it takes you to get to work in the morning you can whiten your teeth!

You are provided with 10 disposable tooth whitening trays. This treatment does not require any impressions. After your dental examination you can pick these trays up from the clinic and start whitening your teeth straight away.

The system contains fluoride which strengthens your tooth enamel and improves the overall health of your teeth. It also has a delicious mint flavour.

Opalescence Go fits in easily with your lifestyle and is a really convenient way of whitening your teeth.

Air polishing – for mildly stained teeth

Tooth whitening systems work by the application of bleaching agents (hydrogen peroxide) to the teeth. These agents remove the deep stains and thus make the teeth whiter.

If you only have mild staining of the teeth then air polishing can be used to remove these stains. This treatment uses a fine jet of air, water and fine powder particles to remove stains.

Air polishing is very effective in removing mild staining of the teeth. It is usually carried out during your dental hygiene visit and only costs £79. Our clients love this treatment.

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