Treatment for nervous dental patients

Nervous Customers

We can take away your anxiety about visiting the dentist

For many people dental treatment can cause anxiety. Often this is related to bad childhood experiences. At Arthur House Dental Care we promise to treat you very gently and patiently to ensure that you have an excellent dental experience.

Everything is explained to you carefully and we make sure all your questions and concerns are answered thoroughly. We give you as much time as you need. We take things one step at a time and you are never rushed with our care. We treat you the way we would like to be treated.

Dental Phobia

For some people their anxiety can be severe and this can stop them from visiting a dentist, this is known as dental phobia.

We understand the “fear and anxiety” that dental treatment can cause and promise you that we will not judge you; we are just here to help you whether you want a simple filling or a beautiful smile.

Linda’s story

Petrified, quivering wreck and would burst into tears, that was me at the thought of going to the dentist, this was because I had bad experiences during my childhood and tried to avoid the dentist at any cost.

After meeting Pervinder and the girls, Debbie, Linda and Carol, I felt immediately at home. They never once made me feel stupid or silly, their caring calming nature instantly put me at ease.

Pervinder spent the time to re-assure me and inform me what my treatment would be step by step, a little at a time. I have now been able to have extensive dental work done.

I feel 100% safe in Pervinder’s hands and trust her implicitly. I honestly believe that her number one concern is her patients.

Thanks again and keep up the excellent work.


Specialist Expert Care

If necessary our Consultant Anaesthetist is able to provide you with safe and expert sedation. By offering sedation we believe we will be able to help many clients who suffer from dental phobia.


We will work with you and at your pace to ensure you get the treatment you need. We offer ‘light sedation’ for those who are a little anxious. Light sedation is safe and takes the anxiety away.

If you have dental phobia and just don’t want to know then we can provide a deeper level of sedation called ‘moderate sedation’. This will enable you to have the important treatment you need to maintain your dental health with complete relaxation.

So the reality is whatever you need done, fear and anxiety is the one thing we can take out of the equation straight away. We promise you pain free dentistry and after visiting us you will no longer be nervous of going to the dentist.

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