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Dr Sanghera

Dr Sanghera

The first thing people notice about us is our smile. Having a beautiful smile with straight teeth makes us happy and improves our self-confidence.

Dr Sanghera has 30 years experience of creating beautiful confident smiles and she can do the same for you. She makes it a simple and easy process and it will be one of the best investments you will ever make. Book a free consultation and discuss how she can help you.

Hannah’s Story

Hannah was unhappy with her smile. Her teeth were crooked and this made her self-conscious when she smiled. During her free consultation with Dr Sanghera she discussed various treatment options and decided to choose orthodontic braces. The braces straightened her teeth and she was delighted with the result.

Hannah After
Hannah Before
Hannah After

Why choose Dr Sanghera for your orthodontic treatment?

  1. Dr Sanghera has been practising dentistry for 30 years and is highly experienced in straightening teeth.
  2. She is one of only two dentists in the Midlands who has completed the Full Face Orthodontic Masters Programme. This was a 3 year training programme in orthodontics completed under the tutelage of Dr Mahony, a world leading orthodontist.
  3. She has successfully treated many clients with crooked teeth and transformed their smiles. Her clients are delighted at the outstanding results she has achieved for them.
  4. The orthodontic treatments start from £1495 or £32 per month and 0% finance is available. She personally offers free consultations to anyone considering braces.
  5. All clients undergoing teeth straightening receive FREE teeth whitening and FREE retainers at the end of their treatment. This produces a great finish to their smile.

Over 100 five star Google reviews

Catherine Maltby After

“I am over the moon with both the service and results I have received. The team were patient, understanding and put you at ease. After 6 months my braces were taken off and my teeth look fantastic. I couldn’t be happier! Thank you.” Joe

“I had my braces treatment last year in time for my graduation. Amazing results for me, after 3.5 months my teeth were perfectly straight. Dr Sanghera ensured a superb service. I can now smile with confidence.” Caro

“I have had my braces taken off recently and I’m very happy with the results. No more awkward smiling and covering my mouth when I laugh. All the team made me feel so welcome and comfortable at every appointment. I 100% recommend this practice and wish I had gone there years ago.” Kirsty


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Watch the videos to see what our patients think:

More examples of Dr Sanghera’s orthodontic treatments.

Example 1

BeforeBefore Orthodontic treatment

AfterAfter orthodontic  treatment

Example 2

BeforeBefore Orthodontic treatment

AfterAfter orthodontic  treatment

Example 3

BeforeBefore Orthodontic treatment

AfterAfter orthodontic  treatment

Example 4

BeforeBefore Orthodontic treatment

AfterAfter orthodontic  treatment


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Which braces do you use and are they discrete?

There are many diffferent types of braces and clear aligner systems. Dr Sanghera offers a wide choice so that you are not restricted to one or two options but get the most appropriate treatment for your circumstances.

The braces and aligner systems we use are very discrete. Some systems are virtually invisible and nobody will be able to tell you are having your teeth straightened.

We offer a comprehensive choice of braces to ensure you get the treatment that is right for you


10 million people have used Invisalign to straighten their teeth. They are one of our most popular treatments because the system is so discrete, comfortable and convenient. With our iTero scanner you can see your new smile before you commit to treatment.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces are placed behind the teeth. They are another great choice if you don’t want anybody to know you are wearing braces.

Six month smiles

6 month smiles is a fast, effective and affordable invisible aligner and clear braces system for adults. It has been designed to straighten your teeth in an average time of six months.

Inman Aligner

The Inman aligner is incredibly fast at straightening the front teeth, sometimes in just SIX weeks. This super quick straightening is possible because of its unique dual action.

Damon braces

Damon braces are an advanced discrete alternative to traditional metal braces. They are particularly suitable for patients with complex orthodontic issues. They can take longer than other systems but produce an incredible result that is worth waiting for.

Insignia braces

These braces are another advanced system that have been designed to straighten teeth very precisely to create beautiful confident smiles.

Which brace should I choose?

The most suitable brace for your personal circumstances depends on:

1. How crooked or crowded are your teeth?

2. How discrete would you like your braces to be? If you want no one to know then Lingual or Invisalign is best but other brace systems are also quite subtle.

3. How quickly you want your teeth straightened?

4. Whether you want the convenience of a fixed brace or if you would prefer a removable brace or clear aligner?

At your free consultation, Dr Sanghera will discuss the various options and you will be able to decide which option you feel is best for your circumstances.

Why choose orthodontic treatment?

braces orthodontist teeth straightening birmingham

No one, regardless of their age should endure crooked teeth. It is not a good look and can make us feel unhappy or self-conscious when we smile.

Crooked teeth can also lead to health problems as they are difficult to clean properly. This can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. They are also more likely to wear down, get chipped and become broken.

How quickly can teeth be straightened with orthodontic treatment?

This depends on how crooked your teeth are. In mild cases, teeth can be straightened in just a couple of months. In complex cases treatment times can take 12 – 18 months, although you will notice your teeth getting straighter within a few weeks.

By the end of the treatment you will have a beautiful, straight confident smile and you’ll wish you had done it sooner.


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