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Straighten your teeth with Six Month Smiles, Sutton Coldfield Birmingham

A straighter smile in 6 months

Six Month Smiles is a discreet cosmetic brace that will gently straighten your teeth to create a beautiful confident smile.

Dr Sanghera has treated many clients with this system to create a straighter smile within 6 months. In some cases the treatment has been completed within 4 months.

So, if you have a forthcoming wedding, interview or other important event and want your teeth straightened quickly, discreetly and with a beautiful result then 6 Month Smiles is an excellent choice.

Why choose Dr Sanghera for your 6 month smiles treatment?

  • You have a FREE consultation with Dr Sanghera
  • You have FREE teeth whitening after your treatment
  • FREE X-rays
  • FREE 12 months follow up
  • 0% finance is available to spread the cost
  • And it is from as little as £38 per month
Dr Sanghera

Dr Sanghera was one of the first general dentists to provide 6 Month Smile braces in the West Midlands. She has many customers who have had their teeth straightened with 6 Month Smiles. They are really happy with their new confident smile and she can do the same for you.

What do our patients think?

Sharon’s story

Sharon had a lot of crooked teeth and wanted to get them straightened in time for her daughter’s wedding. Because of the timescale Dr Sanghera recommended Six Month Smiles.

The treatment, which included free teeth whitening, produced a fantastic result and Sharon was really pleased.

Katie After
Katie Before
Katie After

Six Month Smiles – a quick, easy and discreet way to straighten teeth

Six months smiles work by using the latest technology to straighten teeth quickly and safely.

The braces consist of very fine white wires and clear brackets. These braces are so discreet that they are barely visible.

Compared to traditional braces, Six Month Smiles focuses on straightening those teeth that show when you smile. For most people who want to have straight teeth, this is all you need for a straight, confident and beautiful smile – and it can be done very quickly.







What are the alternatives to 6 Month Smiles?

In addition to Six Month Smiles, Dr Sanghera offers a wide range of other braces to ensure that you are not restricted to one or two choices. You therefore get the most suitable and the best treatment for your circumstances. These include:

Lingual braces which are hidden behind your teeth and are completely invisible.

Invisalign – these are discreet clear aligners that are very popular for straightening teeth.

Inman Aligner – for moderately crooked teeth this will straighten teeth in a few weeks.

Damon braces – another advanced system for very crooked teeth

Frequently asked questions about Six Month Smiles:

Free teeth whitening

At the end of your treatment you receive FREE teeth whitening. So not only do you have straight teeth now but they are also beautifully white.

This is a perfect finish to your treatment. It will boost your self-confidence and make you feel really happy about your new smile.

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Am I suitable?

Most clients who want to have their teeth straightened in a short period of time will be candidates for 6 Month Smiles.

For a minority of clients 6 Month Smiles may not be appropriate because the teeth are extremely crooked or they have a significant bite problem.

In these situations more comprehensive treatment such as Damon or Insignia braces may be a better solution. Dr Sanghera is able to provide these treatments if you need them.

Please book a free consultation to see if 6 Month Smiles is the right brace for you.

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Can teeth really be straightened in 6 months?

Six months is the average treatment time. Most clients will have straight teeth by 6 months but treatment times can range from 4 – 9 months.

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What are the benefits of Six Month Smiles?

  • Teeth can be straightened in a matter of a few months, rather than years as with traditional braces.
  • The braces are very discreet compared to conventional braces.
  • Treatment is more affordable compared to other treatments.
  • Discomfort is minimal as the teeth are very gently straightened.

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The Six Month Smiles treatment process

On your first visit we will show you exactly how the system works and determine if you are suitable for 6 Month Smiles. We will also take impressions and photographs of your teeth.

On your second visit the wires and brackets of the 6 Month Smiles braces are applied to the teeth.

Over the course of the next few months the braces will gently move and straighten your teeth into the straight smile that you desire.

You will visit us monthly throughout your treatment to allow adjustments to be made to your braces and we also make sure everything is progressing well.

At the end of the treatment the braces are removed and your teeth will be whitened.

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Is Six Month Smiles suitable for teenagers?

Six Month Smiles is only suitable if you are 18 years old or above. If you are a teenager then other excellent treatments such as Invisalign or Damon braces are available.

Much younger children are suitable for interceptive orthodontics.

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How much does it cost?

The full cost depends on how complex your case is and how long the treatment will take. Simple cases start from as little as £38 per month.

Please book a free consultation and we can sit down over a coffee and discuss how we can help you and give you a precise fee for the treatment.

We offer excellent value combined with excellent results:

  • FREE consultation with Dr Sanghera
  • FREE teeth whitening
  • From £38 per month
  • 0% finance
  • FREE X-rays
  • FREE one year follow up

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Is treatment with Six Month Smiles comfortable?

To move crooked teeth so that they become straight, pressure or forces need to be applied to the teeth.

With Six Month Smiles, the forces used are very low so the teeth are moved gently and our clients find the treatment very comfortable.

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Why choose Dr Sanghera to straighten your teeth?

Six month smiles braces are a tool for straightening teeth. How well and quickly they do their job depends significantly on the training, experience and skill of the dentist using them.

Dr Sanghera has received excellent training in straightening teeth from one of the best Orthodontists in the world. She attended the 3 year Full Face Orthodontic Masters programme – one of only 2 dentists from the Midlands to do so.

In addition to 6 month smiles, Dr Sanghera provides a comprehensive range of braces. This includes Lingual braces that are completely invisible and Damon braces for clients with very crooked teeth.

This means you have access to a wide range of braces and are able to choose one that is most suitable for you.

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