Catherine Maltby

Catherine Maltby After
Catherine Maltby Before
Catherine Maltby After

Catherine had ten porcelain veneers

My mother's fear of the dentist meant that other than brief checks at school, I never went for regular check-ups when I was a child. This resulted in me not having my teeth straightened when I was young and this left me with very uneven and crossed teeth, particularly at the front.

I was always very conscious of these and disliked photographs of myself. Several people suggested that I 'get them done'.

Whilst having the treatment carried out, everyone was extremely helpful, friendly and supportive. They explained what was going to happen every step of the way and made sure that I was happy and comfortable at all times.

When I saw the end result for the first time I was absolutely amazed. I could hardly believe that it was me. It had been more than worth the time and money.

Since having the treatment I can't count the number of compliments that I have received from total strangers as well as friends and family, and without exception, those who didn't know me before the treatment, hardly believe that they aren't entirely my real teeth.

Even now, four years later, hardly a week goes by without somebody commenting and complimenting my teeth. I am regularly told that I have the most amazing teeth that they have seen.

I would, and do, definitely recommend anyone considering this treatment to go ahead. Go for the initial consultation. I am extremely glad that I did. It has made a great difference to my confidence and having photographs taken is now not the trial that it used to be.

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