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Restore your smile with dental implants in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham

Smile confidently with dental implants

Your missing teeth can be a little embarrassing when you smile for photographs. They can make you look older and stop you from eating your favourite foods. They can also affect your self confidence.

We can help you restore your smile with dental implants. These implants will look, feel and function like normal teeth.

dental implants Sutton Coldfield Birmingham

After your treatment:

  • You will feel more confident.
  • You will be able to eat and chew your favourite foods easily.
  • You will look younger and feel better about yourself.
  • Best of all you will be able to smile again naturally.

How do dental implants work?

Dental implants are small titanium screws that are gently placed into the jaw bone. This is done under local anaesthetic to ensure the procedure is comfortable.

A straightforward single implant procedure takes about 30 - 45 minutes.

Approximately 12 weeks later crowns and bridges are fitted onto the implants to complete the treatment.

The implants look like real teeth and will give you back a confident smile.

How many missing teeth can implants support?

Dental implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth, several teeth, or an entire set – depending on what’s needed for your smile.

Single missing tooth:
This can be replaced with a single dental implant.

dental implant Sutton Coldfield Birmingham to replace a single missing tooth

Several missing teeth:
If you have more than one tooth missing then two or more implants are used to secure a dental bridge to close the gap and complete your smile.

dental implants Sutton Coldfield Birmingham to replace several missing teeth

Missing all your teeth:
If your entire upper and /or lower teeth are missing then there are two solutions:

dental implants Sutton Coldfield Birmingham to replace all missing teeth

1. You can either have dentures that are secured by two to four dental implants. This avoids the problems of loose dentures. The dentures can still be removed for cleaning.

2. Or you can have a full set of teeth by having a fixed or removable bridge covering the upper and / or lower jaw. If you are fed up with having dentures then this is an excellent solution to getting your teeth back.

Before dental implants
After dental implants

Expertise at Arthur House Dental Care

Our dental implants are placed by Dr Julian Perry.

Dr Perry placed his first implant in 1984 and has placed several thousand implants since that time. He offers an outstanding level of experience and expertise in the area of dental implants.

Dr Perry treats clients from all over the UK and because of his experience many dentists refer clients to him for dental implant treatment.

You can be rest assured that you will receive excellent care if you have dental implant treatment from Dr Perry.

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