Replacing missing teeth at Arthur House Dental Care

Treatment options with dental implants

The various options available depend on the number of teeth you have missing. At your free consultation we will recommend the most appropriate option for you.

Do you have a single missing tooth?

If you have a single missing tooth then we can replace it with one implant. This is ideally done within 3 months of losing the tooth but of course it can be done later.

    single missing  tooth                                         

Do you have multiple missing teeth?

Two or more implants will be needed to replace multiple missing teeth.

implants to replace multiple missing teeth

Are all your teeth missing?

People who have no teeth often wear false teeth in the form of dentures.

Even if your dentures were initially well fitting they will become loose with time as your jaw bone starts to shrink and recede. This is especially true of lower dentures.

These loose dentures will make it difficult for you to chew your food and they will impair your enjoyment of it.  Dentures may cover the top of your palate and can therefore stop you from tasting food. They can slur your speech and it can be very embarrassing if they fall out.

You do not have to endure this discomfort. If all your teeth are missing then dental implants combined with a denture or a dental bridge will be used to replace your teeth.

Dental implants combined with a denture

Dental implants can be used to stabilise your dentures and stop them from slipping. Usually two to four implants are placed into the jaw bone. The dentures will then snap securely onto the implants making them very secure and stable.

Securing dentures with implants is a much better option than using denture adhesives.
The denture can be made to be removable or it can be fixed semi-permanently. If it is removable you are able to detach the denture from the implants and clean them daily.
If the denture is fixed then on your routine visits we can remove the denture for maintenance. You should clean the denture daily as if you had a full set of normal teeth.

Dental implants combined with a denture

Dental implants combined with a dental bridge

In this option dental implants are used to permanently fix a dental bridge to the jaw. The implants and the bridge will act as your new set of teeth. They will look, feel and function like real teeth.

Your jawbone and facial muscles will be preserved giving you a more youthful appearance. Eating meals will become a pleasure again and you will be able to smile naturally.

Dental bridge secured with implants to the lower jaw

Dental  bridge secured with implants to the lower jaw

Free consultation on dental implants

Regardless of how many teeth are missing we can help. By restoring your teeth you will significantly improve the quality of your life.

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