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What are dental implants?

A normal tooth is made up of the crown, which sits above the gums, and the root which sits within the jaw bone.

A dental implant is very similar to a normal tooth. It consists of 3 components:

1. The dental crown – this sits above the gums and looks like the tooth.

2. The abutment – this connects the dental crown to the titanium rod.

3. The titanium rod – this fits into the jaw bone and is similar to the root of a tooth.

How does a dental implant replace a missing tooth?

This diagram illustrates how a missing tooth is replaced. Initially the titanium rod is placed into the jaw bone, the abutment is then positioned into the rod and the dental crown is finally fitted onto the abutment.

Dental implant placement process

Are dental implants safe?

Dental implants have been used to replace missing teeth for over 30 years. They have been extensively researched and have been proven to be safe.

The dental implant rod is made of titanium. It is a very strong material that is biologically compatible. It fuses with the jaw bone and becomes very stable. It can then support the dental crown which is placed on top of it, to create a very strong unit that functions like a normal tooth.

Dental implants are one of the safest and most predictable procedures in dentistry when performed by a trained and experienced dentist. Our dental implantologist, Dr Perry, has over 30 years experience in placing implants.

Experts agree that dental implants are the best option for missing teeth. Unlike dentures and bridges which cause the jaw bone to shrink, implants stimulate natural bone growth.
They are the strongest devices available for replacing teeth, they feel, look and function like normal teeth.

How much do dental implants cost?

A single dental implant costs £1795.  

We offer 0% finance. This works out to £4.92 per day for one year.

If you need more than one implant and they are to be placed next to each other, then the cost for every further implant is lower as it does not take twice as long to put two implants than one.

This is our fair price policy. It is a commitment to provide high quality dentistry to all our clients at an affordable price.

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