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What are the disadvantages of your missing teeth?

There are many disadvantages to having missing teeth and together they can significantly impair the quality of your life.

1. Difficulty in eating.

Difficulty in eating

Eating food can become uncomfortable and difficult. Biting and chewing foods, especially hard or tough foods such as apples, nuts and meats can be very awkward.
This may stop you from enjoying your meals and affect your overall diet, nutrition and well being.

2. Loss of confidence.

Loss of confidence

Missing front teeth can be very embarrassing. You will be self-conscious of them and it may stop you from smiling. You may even start to avoid social situations. This can affect your confidence and self esteem.

3. Premature ageing.

When teeth are missing the jaw bone starts to shrink and the muscles of the face begin to sag. This will change the shape of your face. You may develop sunken cheeks and a receding jaw thus making you look older than you actually are.

 Premature  ageing

4. Damage to remaining teeth.

Damage  to remaining teeth

Teeth will keep each other in place. When a tooth goes missing, teeth adjacent to the missing tooth start to shift towards the gap.

This movement of teeth will affect how all your teeth bite together. Teeth that don’t bite together properly can result in them being chipped, broken and worn down.  

5. Chronic headaches.

Teeth that don’t bite together properly can also result in problems with your jaw joint. Problems with your jaw joint can then lead to you suffering from chronic headaches.

6. Gum disease.

When teeth have moved they become more difficult to clean. This can lead to gum disease, more tooth decay and further tooth loss.

Gum disease can also damage your overall health. Scientific studies have shown that severe gum disease is associated with heart disease.

When should you replace your missing teeth?

Most professionals agree that if you lose a tooth it should be replaced within 3 months because the jaw bone starts to shrink soon afterwards.

With increasing jaw bone loss it becomes more complicated (and sometimes more expensive) to replace the missing tooth with a dental implant.

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There is no need to suffer the disadvantages of missing teeth as dental implants can be used to replace them.

If you have missing teeth then we can help. Please call Carol on 0121 323 4492 for your free no –obligation consultation.


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