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Snap on Smile – for the instant perfect smile

Snap on Smile now available in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham

Do you want the perfect smile in 2 appointments?

The Snap on Smile are custom-made veneers that are completely removable. They are thin, strong and look like natural teeth. They fit securely and comfortably over your own teeth giving you the perfect smile.

The great advantage of the Snap on Smile is that it produces an instant transformation of your smile. You do not need to undergo extensive dental treatment that is sometimes necessary with traditional veneers.

It is also less costly than traditional veneers or orthodontic treatment, and the time taken for treatment is also much quicker.

Within 2 appointments you can have a new smile that for some clients can literally change their lives – increasing their confidence, self-esteem and happiness.
In short, the Snap on Smile is a simple, affordable and easy way to give yourself a perfect smile.

David had the Snap on Smile

David After
David Before


David After


David had started to smile a lot less because his teeth had deteriorated. After bumping into a friend who had an impeccable smile he decided to do something about his own smile.

He chose to have the Snap on Smile. It made a dramatic improvement to his smile, making him look years younger and so much more confident when socialising.

He said ‘This has probably been one of the best investments I have ever made in both time and money. My sincerest thanks to you and your wonderful staff’.

How can the Snap on Smile help me?

The Snap on Smile is useful if you have gaps between your teeth or your teeth are crooked.

It can also help if you have heavy staining of your teeth or if your teeth are worn down.

If you have missing teeth combined with other issues, then the Snap on Smile can be very useful in making an instant transformation.

What are the benefits of the Snap on Smile?

Everybody wants a beautiful smile but treatment with permanent veneers or braces can take time. Sometimes a quicker solution is needed. This may be because of an important forthcoming event such as a wedding, interview or an important business meeting.

This is where the Snap on Smile is very useful as it can be fitted in two appointments.

It is also very useful if you want to improve your smile but are nervous of having dental treatment, may be due to previous bad experiences. The Snap on Smile doesn’t require any dental surgery, drilling or injections.

Compared to the cost of permanent veneers and orthodontic treatment the Snap on Smile can be a more cost effective solution to achieving a beautiful confident smile.

What should I do next?

If you have concerns about your smile and wish to improve it, then please book a free consultation where we can discuss your options.

If you decide you want the Snap on Smile, we will take impressions of your teeth. You pick the style and shape of your new smile and then have it fitted at your next appointment.

What do our patients think?

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