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I got to the point where it all became too much. I was ready to see chiropractors for the muscular pain, constantly taking painkillers for overly sensitive areas like my forehead and the back of my head, sleeping through the night but still tired in the morning, coping with a jaw that was clicking more often when I ate and ringing in my ears.

I visited the dentist, Dr Sanghera, with my clicking jaw problem in hope she would solve it for me. She discovered that my other symptoms could all be related, even those I would have never have thought could be caused by my teeth. So bad were my symptoms I could not bear her touching several areas of my head as they hurt so much.

This is where a process began. I was measured and fitted with a shield which I wore at night times. This immediately affected my sleep, it was more restful and I felt less tired. My headaches also lessened as the pressure was being released around my teeth and jaw. I wore the shield for approximately 3-4 months. I sometimes missed days from wearing it and felt all my symptoms return.

Now we knew what caused my symptoms so the next stage involved Dr Sanghera marking and measuring my teeth to see which culprits caused the tension and adjusted those to allow all my teeth to sit evenly, spreading the pressure equally. The first week was very difficult. My jaw and teeth had a new pattern and took a week transition period to adapt. WOW! After a week all symptoms have virtually disappeared now and I feel great.

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