Month: February 2013

Damon Braces

A fast teeth straightening system available in Sutton Coldfield As well as the traditional style dental braces and the popular ‘Invisalign’ system, there are a number of other effective systems available for straightening teeth. Here at Arthur House Dental Care

Dental Implants and Smokers

Don’t compromise the implants process Dental implants have had a dramatic impact on the way that people choose to replace lost teeth, something that we are well aware of at our Sutton Coldfield practice. They are strong and once in

Social 6 Braces

Fast teeth straightening in Sutton Coldfield One of the dilemmas that some people have is the question of whether or not their teeth require dental braces. For those whose teeth are very crooked and uneven, it is an easily answered

The Best Alternative to Dentures

Implant options in Sutton Coldfield There is little doubt that dentures have done a great deal to improve the way that we look over the years. There is little worse than a toothless grin to put someone off a person

Too Busy to Visit the Dentist?

Dental solutions for busy people in Sutton Coldfield Many people who visit our Arthur House Dental Care practice in Sutton Coldfield say that time is one of the main factors that they struggle with when arranging dental treatment. There is

Boost Your Confidence with Whiter Teeth

A simple and effective way to a brighter smile! Sometimes it can be easy  to sneer at the perfect white teeth of celebrities who have that certain Hollywood smile, but if we are honest with ourselves, wouldn’t we really like

Halitosis and Dental Care

Conquering bad breath in Sutton Coldfield Bad breath or halitosis is unpleasant at the best of times, made worse by the fact that we very often can’t smell it ourselves and may be unaware of our breath until someone points

Dentures or Implants?

Which tooth replacement option is best for me? Most of us will lose some teeth as we get older. Sometimes this is simply a natural part of getting older but it can also happen earlier on in life whether through

Dental Veneers – The Next Step to Whiter Teeth

Veneers, a solution for broken and badly stained teeth At some point in their lives, a lot of people look at their reflection in the mirror and notice just how discoloured their teeth have become. This usually happens as we

Adult Braces in Sutton Coldfield

The new generation of “invisible” braces for adults and teenagers There is a common misconception that dental braces can only be used on children. Whilst it is true that this is the ideal time to correct any misalignment of the