Month: July 2014

Nervous Patients and Conscious Sedation

Gentle dentistry for patients in Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham. It has been suggested that the main reason for patients being afraid of the dentist is that the procedures all take place so close to the sensory organs such as the

Discreet Correction of Crooked Front Teeth Using Social 6 Braces

Near ‘invisible’ adult orthodontics from our Birmingham dental practice. Having our teeth straightened is not only advantageous from an aesthetic perspective but often also extremely useful for correcting other problems such as a misaligned “bite”. Furthermore, once a tooth has

A Quick Solution to an Uneven Smile

Discussing the uses of the Snap on Smile for our patients from Sutton Coldfield. In an ideal world, we would all have great looking teeth; teeth that remained white and even throughout our lives and without the tender loving care

Some Commonly Asked Questions About Dental Veneers

The next step in teeth whitening discussed by a Sutton Coldfield cosmetic dentist. We have provided dental veneers for a large number of patients over the last several years and it may come as no surprise to learn that a

Depression and the Negative Impact on Dental Health

How a depressed dental patient may suffer poor oral health. Mental health issues are now affecting many more of us than was previously thought. This may well be due to it being a subject that some would prefer to sweep

The Impact of Sugar on Your Teeth

Why sugars (and carbohydrates) can have a negative impact on oral health – a Sutton Coldfield dental hygienist explains more. It is commonly accepted that sugar is bad for your teeth, causing decay and eventually leading to dental work. What