Discreet Correction of Crooked Front Teeth Using Social 6 Braces

Near ‘invisible’ adult orthodontics from our Birmingham dental practice.

Having our teeth straightened is not only advantageous from an aesthetic perspective but often also extremely useful for correcting other problems such as a misaligned “bite”.

Furthermore, once a tooth has moved out of position, it allows the tooth next to it to start to encroach into the space vacated. This in turn may allow the next to to move into that ones, and so it goes on. Eventually, the person may end up with a set of teeth that are visually unappealing and may even cause difficulty when eating.

Visible teeth

Whilst the above applies to both the rear and the visible front teeth, it is with the front teeth that many people who visit Arthur House Dental Care express most concern. Although crooked rear teeth can cause problems, the front teeth are the most visibly obvious and are most likely to be noticed when we hold a conversation or smile.

Although anyone wishing to have their front teeth straightened may need to see a Birmingham orthodontist to decide which is the most appropriate orthodontic method to use, one method growing in popularity is the use of Lingual Social 6 braces.

Social 6

Social 6 braces are so called because they work by straightening just the 6 visible front teeth that we expose when we smile.

Like many new modern adult orthodontics, they are designed not only to be effective, but also to be very discreet and cause minimal embarrassment for the person wearing them.

Unlike many other invisible orthodontics, Social 6 braces are actually fitted behind the front teeth and not in front. They are especially useful where the teeth are only mild to moderately crooked or overcrowded. Our braces dentist will be able to give you an estimate during the initial consultation but, in general, Social 6 braces should be expected to correct the problem in less than 4 months.

Social Life

With some other orthodontics, people may feel that they don’t wish to socialise a great deal as they are self conscious about wearing their dental braces. However, with a Social 6 brace this is much less of a problem and most people say they feel very comfortable wearing them in public.

If you are not entirely happy with your smile due to a crooked front tooth, why not ring Carol on 0121 323 4492 to arrange a free Social 6 braces consultation at Arthur House Dental Care?