Social 6 Braces

Fast teeth straightening in Sutton Coldfield

One of the dilemmas that some people have is the question of whether or not their teeth require dental braces. For those whose teeth are very crooked and uneven, it is an easily answered question. For those, however, whose teeth are only slightly uneven, a balance may need to be made between the inconvenience of wearing braces for a relatively minor improvement in their appearance. This is where Social 6 braces come into their own. They are designed specifically to be used on less dramatic orthodontic problems and are now available at our Sutton Coldfield dental practice based in Mere Green. They are largely used to correct overcrowding problems at the front of the mouth and can also be used in closing some types of gaps in the teeth. Like many other types of adult ‘invisible braces’ such as Invisalign, they are designed to be discreet and not hinder a patient’s confidence.

The Social 6 Braces are designed to reduce the amount of friction and overall take a shorter period of time to move the teeth to their desired position than many other forms of dental brace.

Because the patient’s teeth are generally only moderately uneven when these braces are used and because the braces are designed specifically for this problem, it is often only a period of a few weeks before the braces have done what they were required to do. This, combined with their invisibility, is one reason why many of those who are undecided if it is worth the trouble to correct only slightly crooked teeth tend to give it the thumbs up and go ahead and have them fitted.

To determine the severity of your misaligned teeth, a consultation should be arranged with a dentist at our Sutton Coldfield practice to determine if these braces are the right ones for you. As stated before, they are designed for mild to moderate case of misalignment or overcrowding. For more severe cases, they would almost certainly not be suitable and the dentist is likely to suggest an alternative such as Inman aligners or Invisalign braces which are also discreet but will take longer to work due to the severity of the misaligned teeth.

Whilst initially the braces may feel a little strange, this soon becomes forgotten and most patients report minimal discomfort and only initial issues with speech but this is usually overcome very quickly.

Whilst it is impossible to say how long the treatment will take with Social 6 Braces as this will vary with each individual case, they are designed for more moderate cases and the whole procedure is usually completed within 16 weeks leaving the patient with a beautiful even smile.