Adult Braces in Sutton Coldfield

The new generation of “invisible” braces for adults and teenagers

There is a common misconception that dental braces can only be used on children. Whilst it is true that this is the ideal time to correct any misalignment of the teeth, the reality is that this can be done at any age although the process may take a little bit longer.

As anyone who watches many American TV programmes will probably know, we have a reputation for having poor quality teeth in this country and this is often portrayed in humorous situations on American TV. For those who have misaligned teeth though, it is no laughing matter and can cause embarrassment and even affect both your social life and career in some cases. One reason that many people with crooked teeth simply accept their lot is that they have no desire to have braces fitted. This is because they think of braces as the all metal ones which some of their friends may have had whilst at school. However, there is now a new generation of adult braces available which are usually referred to as ‘invisible braces’ and we have a selection of these at our Sutton Coldfield dental practice. We will discuss each in more detail at a later stage but hopefully, this blog post will give you a general idea of what they can do and how they work.

Although described as ‘invisible’ naturally they are not as you would never find them if this were the case! They are however, almost invisible and are certainly very difficult to detect when being worn. Perhaps if someone knows you are wearing them and looks for them, they may see them, but for the general public, they are more than likely to be completely unaware that you have them fitted.

The adult braces work in a variety of ways to straighten your teeth whilst being discreet; Invisalign braces for example, fit directly over the teeth in the form of a tray whilst others fit behind the teeth. All will use tooth coloured wiring and brackets rather than metal to add to the discretionary factor. The period of time that they take to straighten the teeth will largely depend on the severity of the problem that they are correcting and you will be given an estimate of the time it should take during your initial consultation.

We offer a free consultation at our Sutton Coldfield practice and will discuss which of our invisible braces options is best suited to your case. The options that we have available are as follows:

  • Invisalign braces
  • Six month smile
  • The Inman aligner
  • Social 6 braces

Each of these have their own features and benefits and you can be assured that we will advise you on which is the best option for you. Please call our friendly team on 0121 323 4492 for more information.