Halitosis and Dental Care

Conquering bad breath in Sutton Coldfield

Bad breath or halitosis is unpleasant at the best of times, made worse by the fact that we very often can’t smell it ourselves and may be unaware of our breath until someone points it out. If we are already out in a social situation it can kill the evening as there are few things that can be instantly done about it.

Sometimes bad breath isn’t a big problem and may have a temporary cause such as a garlic laden meal perhaps, for others though, bad breath is an ongoing problem which can cause great distress and even cause a person to become withdrawn, so, whilst it may not be serious in a medical sense, it can certainly make big (negative) changes to a person’s life.

Causes of Bad Breath

Apart from the legendary garlic, there are a number of factors which can lead to bad breath, smoking being one of the most obvious and also alcohol to an extent. One of the biggest factors though is poor dental health. Naturally, any decay is likely to give off an unpleasant odour as the name would suggest.

The most obvious preventative measures are to clean and brush your teeth regularly. If you do not already floss, you should add this to your repertoire as food particles that have become trapped between the teeth are likely to remain there for some time and gradually rot, giving off a foul smell.

Insufficient cleaning of the teeth and gums over a period of time is almost certain to lead to the build up of plaque and consequently gum disease. When people hear that they have a plaque build up, they generally think of a hard layer on their teeth and often don’t feel concerned, however, this layer is actually a collection of bacteria which will gradually eat away at the gums and teeth, causing big problems unless treated early. Another fact which may encourage people to ensure that they keep plaque under control is that as the bacteria eat away at food particles and our gums, they actually expel gases, a type of flatulence, and it is this which makes our breath smell; not a very pleasant thought.

The good news though is that provided that you brush and floss well and regularly and visit your dentist regularly, there shouldn’t be a problem as any build up can easily be dealt with. If you neglect this though, not only are you likely to end up with halitosis but also suffer from the potential loss of many of your teeth if gum disease sets in.

If you are looking for bad breath treatment in Sutton Coldfield please contact our practice to arrange a confidential consultation. We will refer you to our hygienist should you need further treatment to help tackle your bad breath.