Boost Your Confidence with Whiter Teeth

A simple and effective way to a brighter smile!

Sometimes it can be easy  to sneer at the perfect white teeth of celebrities who have that certain Hollywood smile, but if we are honest with ourselves, wouldn’t we really like to have our own teeth looking much whiter than they currently do? The fact is that whilst absolutely pure white teeth may look unnatural on some people, teeth can now be shaded to the colour that the patient requires in a very simple and speedy one hour tooth whitening procedure at our dental practice.

In addition to looking much nicer, most people that have their teeth whitened by visiting our Sutton Coldfield dentist have found that their confidence improves greatly. Several patients have been surprised to realise that, subconsciously at least, they had limited the amount that they smiled because of the colour of their teeth. With a tooth whitening procedure they found that this barrier simply disappeared and they were more relaxed about smiling.

The whitening procedure itself is straightforward and can be done in approximately one hour, so if you work in Sutton Coldfield, it may be possible to arrange a lunch time visit and have your teeth whitened in time for a big night out later the same day.

The procedure itself involves a whitening gel being put onto your teeth (your gums and lips are protected to prevent any potential burning). This gel is then activated which starts the whitening process; in effect, the gel lightens the inner molecules of the teeth which cause the discolouration.

The results are dramatic and instant with teeth being whitened by up to a factor of ten, however the degree of whitening will depend on how discoloured your teeth initially were. For very badly stained teeth where whitening would not be effective, we may recommend dental veneers instead, although for the majority of people, a tooth whitening procedure will suffice.

The effects of the procedure should last for several months and if required, the whitening process can be repeated periodically with no detrimental effects.

Your new whiter teeth will give you a great deal more confidence and this can be very useful in both social and work situations. Confidence is said to be one of the main attributes that both employers and partners find attractive, so having your teeth whitened at our Sutton Coldfield practice will go a long way indeed to improving the quality of your life. Who knows, it may just help you to find that partner/get that job that you have always wanted!