Too Busy to Visit the Dentist?

Dental solutions for busy people in Sutton Coldfield

Many people who visit our Arthur House Dental Care practice in Sutton Coldfield say that time is one of the main factors that they struggle with when arranging dental treatment. There is little doubt that in today’s ‘always on’ society, a lot of people do indeed find time to be a very precious commodity.

With this in mind, we are one of a small minority of dentists throughout the UK who have invested in the latest technology called CEREC. This stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics and as the name suggests, it allows us to create several dental restorations such as dental veneers within the practice itself, negating the need for impressions and x-rays to be sent to a dental laboratory for them to be created.

When a tooth has become badly decayed and needs to be repaired with a crown, this is usually a treatment that takes two visits. The first for the preparation of the tooth ready for the crown and consequently the taking of impressions etc to make the crown. the second visit, once the crown has been made (usually a week or two) is where the crown is fitted. This is a drawn out process and inconvenient to the patient too, especially if they live a busy life and struggle to find the time.

With the use of CEREC technology, it is now possible to have the tooth prepared and a permanent crown fitted during just one single visit to our Sutton Coldfield practice. In case of any doubt in the patient’s mind about the quality of these CEREC produced crowns, we offer a 5 year warranty on them which indicates the confidence that we have in this CEREC technology.

CEREC produced crowns also allow the dentist to preserve a greater amount of the original tooth which gives it extra strength and durability whilst at the same time having an aesthetic appeal.

Only the strongest ceramic materials are used to create these crowns and the end result is metal free which gives a better appearance as sometimes the tooth may appear darker when metal is used.

It is not only crowns that this technology can be used for though. For those looking for cosmetic improvements to their teeth such as to repair chipped, cracked or stained front teeth, CEREC can be used to also create dental veneers which can then be fitted to the front of a prepared tooth to greatly improve their appearance.

So, if you are one of those people for whom time is scarce and you need a crown fitted, why not contact our Sutton Coldfield practice and enquire about having a crown or veneer fitted in just one day.