Damon Braces

A fast teeth straightening system available in Sutton Coldfield

As well as the traditional style dental braces and the popular ‘Invisalign’ system, there are a number of other effective systems available for straightening teeth. Here at Arthur House Dental Care in Sutton Coldfield, we like to give our patients a choice when it comes to having their teeth straightened. Naturally, in some cases, one particular type of dental brace will work better than others for a particular situation – however we are confident that the options we offer will allow us to find a suitable method for each of our patients. Because of advances in the field of dentistry, a new type of brace, called Damon Braces, have been created which are friction free, making them more effective and comfortable than the regular wired versions.

The use of Damon braces leads to a faster treatment time and can speed up the process by between 4 and 6 months due to the frictionless mechanism and the memory wires that these braces use. Because Damon braces do not need to use metal ties, there is no irritation to the gums and other soft tissues in the mouth.

These very same ties are often responsible for collecting plaque and other bacteria which increase the risk of gum disease significantly. Because plaque can be difficult to remove from braces, this puts Damon braces at a great advantage and makes keeping your teeth clean and healthy a much easier task whilst they are being worn.

Although these braces can’t really be described as ‘invisible’ in the same way that Invisalign braces are for example, they are still more discreet than standard dental braces as the majority of the brackets are made from a ceramic material  which has a similar appearance to a natural tooth. This will give the wearer more confidence to wear the braces during the treatment process.

As stated earlier, different braces will have different advantages and be suitable for particular orthodontic problems. For example, whilst Damon braces are not as discreet as Invisalign braces, the treatment period will be significantly quicker and they are perhaps more suited to complex orthodontic problems such as overbites which the Invisalign system may not be as effective with.

To determine accurately which is the best method of orthodontic treatment for you, the best option is to give our Sutton Coldfield practice a call and arrange to see a dentist who will examine you and discuss the best method to correct your misaligned teeth.