Why Braces Can Change Your Life

The benefits of modern orthodontics.

If your vision of dental braces are the cumbersome ones that you or your friends had to endure when you were children, it is time to think again and re-assess the benefits that wearing braces can bring. This time, without the need for those old train track style encumbrances that were embarrassing and uncomfortable!

If you have an interest in teeth, as we naturally do, it’s difficult not to notice people’s teeth when watching TV. Of course, models and actresses tend to be very aware of the need for great teeth but this doesn’t always extend to other people on TV. Next time that you turn on the news, have a look at the teeth of the news presenters and you might be surprised at how crooked some of their teeth are. The strange thing is that there simply is no need for them to look that way. It is understandable that they may not want visible braces but there are so many more options on offer such as the wide variety on offer at our convenient dental practice in Sutton Coldfield.

For situations such as those of a TV presenter or anyone who has to appear in front of the camera, and especially in close up, it is likely that Invisalign braces would be the most suitable. These braces which are designed for adults are almost invisible (although described sometimes as ‘invisible’ this is not entirely true). To the casual viewer, they are unlikely to be noticed although those in the know may be able to tell when the person is wearing them.

So would Invisalign braces be ‘invisible’ enough for TV presenters and the like? Well, we don’t know enough to say whether technology has the capacity to ensure that this is the case but what we do know, and what many people are unaware of is that Invisalign braces are easily removed. Unlike traditional braces and even some modern braces, Invisalign braces are designed to be taken out. This may come as a surprise to many but it also makes sense. Firstly, the braces are not attached to teeth in the usual way but are placed over the teeth, encasing them. This means that to remove them, you simply take them out. This has several great advantages; firstly, it helps to stop food from becoming trapped in them as they are to be taken out before eating. Naturally, the teeth should be cleaned before the braces are returned to avoid trapping food which can lead to decay, but also, for situations such as that of the TV presenter, they can be taken out for the filming and then returned afterwards. This is also useful for certain social and work situations, not just for high profile occupations like news readers; a few examples would be interviews, dates, presentations and even special events such as weddings.

It should be noted though that the braces should not be removed just because they can be. If this occurs too often, it will slow down the corrective process and make the braces less efficient; however for the odd occasions, this flexibility is a major benefit. Our highly trained dental staff will advise you on the procedures needed to ensure that this type of teeth straightening process is fully successful.