The Convenience of the Six Month Smile

User-friendly and effective adult orthodontics at our Birmingham dental practice.

Crooked teeth are not attractive to look at, indeed most of us would prefer that we did not have them. In fact, many of us have crooked or uneven teeth due to the fact that we declined to have dental braces fitted during our teens. Even those that did may well have stopped using the retainers which prevent the teeth moving back to their original crooked state.

At Arthur House Dental Care, we offer our patients from Birmingham a range of adult orthodontics to suit all situations. These include the Social 6 and the Six Month Smile. We will cover the Social 6 in another blog post, but, for this one, we will take a look at the most popular of our adult orthodontics treatments, the Six Month Smile.

Six Month Smile Orthodontic Treatment

As the name suggests, the Six Month Smile acts quickly, taking around six months to reposition the teeth back to an even state. The figure of six months is actually an average and mildly crooked teeth may take significantly less time whilst severe cases may take longer.

The braces themselves work in a similar manner to traditional braces but without the unsightly physical appearance that they present. To achieve this, the braces are made from finer wires but equally strong. The brackets used are also of a much smaller size. In both cases, instead of being the metallic grey of standard braces, these are made from tooth coloured materials and are therefore barely visible unless looked for specifically.

Fast Acting Braces

Why do the Six Month Smile braces work so quickly? Well, the key factor is that they are designed only to work on the visible teeth that show when we smile or talk. These teeth are less resistant to movement than the rear teeth which means that they are moved much more easily and quickly.

It also means that less pressure is needed on the teeth and this, in turn, ensures that they are more comfortable to use than standard braces.

For those needing the rear teeth repositioned, perhaps due to a bite issue, our Birmingham dentists will be able to advise the best method for this following an initial consultation.

Special Offer

At Arthur House Dental Care based on the outskirts of Birmingham in Sutton Coldfield, we have noticed, over a period of time, an increased interest in the Six Month Smile system not just from patients from the Birmingham area but from all across the West Midlands.

Because of this, we have decided on a special offer which makes this procedure all the more enticing.

Not only will you have the Six Month Smile braces fitted but, prior to this, we also offer a free consultation for anyone interested, along with free digital x rays. Following the course of treatment, when your teeth are restored to their correct position, we also offer a free teeth whitening procedure to ensure that not only do you have straight teeth, but that they are beautifully white too.

Add to this our 0% finance deal and you have an excellent and easy way to have a great looking set of teeth again!

For more information, please ring Arthur House Dental Care on 0121 323 4492. We’ll be very pleased to help.