Why visiting your local dentist regularly makes good sense

Oral health care options in Sutton Coldfield.

At Arthur House Dental Care, we are proud of our reputation for cosmetic dental procedures. However, whilst these are very popular and have certainly benefited our patients over the last few years; the bread and butter of any dental practice remains essential overall care of a patient’s teeth to keep them in good shape.

This is not to under play our cosmetic procedures, as some, such as dental implants, cannot be thought of as purely ‘cosmetic’ as they offer a number of benefits regarding functionality and the ability to eat well too. Some would even say this particular procedure is life changing.

As a popular dentist in Sutton Coldfield though, we continue to emphasise the importance of ongoing dental health care, and not only to keep the teeth in good condition, but, in many cases, the patient’s overall health and wellbeing too.

Oral Health Issues

Whilst everybody knows what dental pain feels like, it is perhaps a lesser known fact that some dental issues can also affect a person’s overall health. The main dental problem that affects this is gum disease. This can act in two different ways to the detriment of a patient’s general health.

Although research is in its early stages, it is considered that the plaque that builds up on the gums and teeth and causes gum disease may well also spread through the blood into the heart area and this can cause a build up in the arteries which can then lead to a stroke or heart attack.

On a more general level, when gum disease is present, the human body will spend a significant amount of effort fighting this and this can often leave the sufferer feeling tired and lacking in energy and vitality.

By ensuring that you regularly attend our dental practice in Sutton Coldfield though, you can be assured that any signs of gum disease will be treated early on and the risk of either of the above two issues will be negated. Regular visits to see one of our dentists is even more important for those who are diabetic as they are in a higher risk group than others.

Early Warnings

All of our dentists in Sutton Coldfield are comprehensively and continually trained in the latest developments in dental care and are able to spot early warning signs of any problems that may have arisen. This also applies to dental decay which may not be causing the patient any discomfort early on. By spotting decay early on and treating it with a tooth coloured filling, not only do we enable the patient to keep their teeth looking good, but also save them a great deal of potential pain which may occur when the tooth becomes badly infected later on.

Ignoring a dental issue and hoping that it will go away is only likely to lead to a more advanced problem and the need for invasive dental procedures that otherwise may well have been unnecessary.

If you have been experiencing any dental problems or have any concerns and need to see a dentist in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham please call our reception team on 0121 323 4492 to arrange a consultation with one of our dentists.